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Water Treatment Company of
Maryland, Inc.

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The Region's
Premier Water Treatment Company


Timely and Consistent Response to Customer Needs

Arc Water Treatment has earned the reputation as the Region’s Premier Water Treatment Company through its timely and consistent response to customer needs.

Arc Water Treatment is a recognized nationally for Legionella Bacteria Testing. These tests can be taken from all types of sources including cooling towers, evaporative condensers, humidifiers and domestic water systems. We offer a “progressive profile” testing method that provides timely DFA results and thorough culture analyses for any results having detectable bacteria levels. Since the 1980’s, Arc Water Treatment has been a strong proponent for proactive monitoring of potential Legionella sources.

Domestic Water Sterilizations
Arc Water Treatment is the region’s leader in sterilizing the domestic water systems for new buildings, plumbing renovations and additions to existing buildings. This sterilization procedure is required by local plumbing codes as the key step to verify that the potable water is safe to drink, and is a requisite to building occupancy. Arc’s Service Technicians have all taken the State of Maryland’s water sampling course and are certified water samplers, and Arc is the recognized expert in assisting plumbers and mechanical contractors in sterilizing their new piping as efficiently as possible. Arc uses the services of an independent certified laboratory to ensure that all water samples are tested properly for the presence of fecal coliforms, and to provide the requisite Certificate of Analysis that verifies the domestic water is safe for consumption.