Other Water Testing

Laboratory Testing Services

• Water Sample Analyses

• Glycol Analyses

• Lead Testing Program

• Deposit Analyses 

Arc Specialist Network
Arc has formed, since 1963 a network of specialists whose expertise is called upon throughout the industry to solve water treatment problems. This network brings efficiencies and solutions to you and your special needs.

Engineered Solutions
Arc is one of the few water treatment companies in the country with qualified engineers and specialists on staff providing supervision and assistance. Our technicians must be Arc-qualified before making their first service call. Training is a high priority at Arc.

Chemical Cleaning 
Our qualified staff utilizes custom-made chemical cleaning equipment in Arc’s unique approach to the cleaning of condensers, cooling towers and recirculating water systems. Engineered problem-solving is frequently employed to correct a problem while Arc is on site.

Lead Testing Program 
Arc utilizes EPA-approved testing protocols focused on drinking water, which is the exposure source for up to 20 percent of all elevated lead levels.