Water Treatment | Seminar and Free Lunch

The management and sales staff of Arc Water Treatment are pleased to offer free lunch when you invite us for a water treatment seminar. These are conducted on-site for Building Engineers, Consulting Engineers, Property Managers or any other firms interested in helping their staff learn more about water treatment. Arc Water Treatment often does this mid-day, and sponsors the lunch for everyone attending, from the caterer of choice.

The seminars cover the Principles of Water Treatment, and include chemical feeding equipment and treatment chemicals used in modern buildings. We also cover the dangers of Legionella bacteria growing in cooling towers, and how to protect building management with Legionella testing protocols. Upon request, we will also discuss cooling tower water management issues in relation to LEED applications and alternative water treatment technologies.

Arc’s seminars usually last about an hour. Please call us at 301-369-0556 to schedule the Seminar and Lunch for your office.

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