Arc has specialized chemical formulations for treating all types of HVAC systems to maintain clean heat-transfer surfaces, reduce energy loss, and extend equipment service life. These include microbiocides and protective chemicals for cooling towers, scale and corrosion control for closed systems and boiler treatment chemicals. Arc also offers cleaning chemicals and custom treatments for individual applications. Most of our formulations are blended in our Jessup, Maryland plant. All of our products are in stock and available for immediate delivery.

Cooling Tower Treatment Chemicals (CTSM-2, C13M-C)
Designed to control scale and corrosion in open recirculating water systems

Microbiocides (ARSHS, BROMMAX 7.1, BUSAN94, DIALD 15, ITCF, chlorine tablets) For the control of biological growths, surface algae, bacteria and slime in cooling towers and close loop systems

Closed System Treatment Chemicals (CSM, ARNIT) Products to minimize corrosion in chilled, hot, and condenser water closed loop systems to maximize system efficiency and extend equipment life

Aluminum Closed Loop Treatment Chemicals (DUBOTH 2828, Ultramine AL-300)

Steam Boiler Treatment Chemicals (ARSBT, CORRODINE 710, DUBOTH OX) A blended formulation designed to control corrosion and scale in boiler systems.  Sludge conditioners and steam recovery chemicals are also available

Cleaning Chemicals (CS-35, ARBSC) Designed to chemically clean all types of systems to remove scale, dirt, corrosive deposits and other system foulants

Special Applications (Metro Descaler, Calcium Hypochlorite) Arc has the resources to develop and implement unique chemical applications to any specific system need, and also stocks chemicals for sterilizations and particular system cleanings.